Henry the Ghost!

LHPS By-Laws


1. Professionalism to home and business owners is required at all times.  LHPS member is NOT permitted to use any form of illegal drugs at any time.  If alcohol or drug use is suspected during an investigation or event, that member will be immediately and permanently dismissed from LHPS.

2. No perfumes, colognes or other fragrances should be worn during an investigation, as this can interfere with other investigators’ senses.

3. All LHPS members must provide current contact information and must check in with the LHPS forum at least every 3 days.

4. During an investigation, meetings or events members will respect the property of our host/client.  It is each individual’s responsibility to replace or repair any item they damage on an investigation, meeting or event.

5. No member of LHPS shall do investigations that involve a client, on their own. All investigative leads that are generated shall be shared with the group and given to the case manager.

6. No one under the age of 18 years is permitted at investigations or to be involved in research with LHPS.

7. No LHPS member is permitted to bring guests to an investigation unless there is prior approval from the officers.  If a guest is permitted to attend, they will also be expected to comply with our by-laws.  If they do not agree to do so, they will not be permitted to attend.

8. During an investigation there will be no smoking inside the location, no horseplay and no profanity.  Voices should be kept at a conversational level.  If you must smoke, please return to your car or a designated area to do so.

9.   Any member who does not attend meetings regularly without a valid excuse will be reviewed for possible suspension. Members must attend a minimum of 8 meetings throughout 1 year to be considered active.

10.  Members who are absent from pre-investigation briefings without a valid excuse will not be permitted to participate in that investigation.

11.  LHPS Members shall keep all client information and locations confidential, unless the client has signed a release form.  No exceptions.

12. No LHPS member shall contact any media source concerning an investigation, client information, and event or group information unless it is approved by the officers of the group and all involved members.  This is done to protect the rights, privacy and reputation of LHPS and its clients.

13. Every LHPS member is required to participate in all events from start to finish unless otherwise approved by the officers. Being late to public events is strongly discouraged.

14. Each member will be required to follow pre-investigation, investigation, and post-investigation procedures.

15. All evidence collected as a result of LHPS investigations becomes property of the group.  Any former member that requests the use of any evidence collected during their membership period must first obtain permission from the Officers.

16. LHPS Officers have final say on everything.

17. All Votes require a 2/3-majority group to carry.

18. New By-Laws require 2/3 majority to pass.

19. All new members have a 90 day probationary period. After 90 days a vote will be taken to decide if probationary period needs to be extended or the person voted in or out of the team.

20. All LHPS paraphernalia shall be designed and handed out by LHPS officers ONLY.

21. All videos, EVPs, pictures etc. taken by members on investigations are strictly property of LHPS and shall not be reproduced without written consent of LHPS even if it was taken by members' own equipment.

22. LHPS Members are not to be members of any other paranormal group; however they may join other groups on investigations representing LHPS as long as it is agreed upon by the officers before they do so.

23. Any profits made through fundraisers, T-shirts, etc. shall go into the treasury. This money will be used to purchase equipment and other items needed for the team.

24. No one shall represent themselves as an LHPS team member without prior consent of LHPS officers.

25. Any equipment bought with the funds of LHPS shall stay with LHPS, Any equipment any member has bought for themselves shall leave with them but if it is purchased and donated to the group it will stay with LHPS. A receipt will be given at the time of donation.

26. Any falsification of evidence in any way is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group.

27. No member of LHPS shall break the law in any way. Speeding and parking tickets do not count.

28. No fighting within LHPS. Any infractions will be brought up at the following meeting and steps taken to rectify the situation.

29. Anyone caught stealing from clients or LHPS and its members will be terminated immediately and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

30. Full Time members have seniority over part time members.

Members Only!