Henry the Ghost!


LHPS was founded to help people find answers. We understand the fear and confusion that can result from living with the unknown. We know it can be just as confusing to reach out to someone and ask for help in these cases. Our commitment is to provide complete confidentiality and professionalism to our clients free of charge.

Our investigation process includes in-depth interviews with involved parties. We will listen to your experiences and concerns. The affected location will be inspected and researched completely. We will bring recording devices and test equipment to your location to document all evidence. LHPS believes in looking at all possibilities and will try to recreate or debunk personal stories and experiences. Our job is to find solid evidence to confirm whether activity is paranormal or can be explained by more common means. All findings and conclusions will be shared with you. Copies of any recordings or media will be provided to you, but not shared with anyone outside of the group without your permission. Once conclusions have been made, we will provide you with information on how to better understand and deal with the situation.

We will provide you with our contact information and LHPS will be available to re-visit your case if you need us. Again, we do not charge for our services. If you need assistance please use the Contact Us link to the left.



The following is a list of some of the equipment LHPS uses to investigate and document evidence:

  • Sony model DCR-120 mini-DV camcorder
  • Olympus PV-128 digital voice recorders
  • Soligor UF-II Light Meter
  • MiracleEar brand Sonic Ear
  • GE A735 Digital Camera
  • Garmin Etrex GPS
  • EMF Field Tester - EMF-822A
  • Cell Sensor (EMF)
  • Sony digital recorder icd-p520
  • Sony video Hi8 - CCD-TRV108 NTSC
  • 4 Infrared Night Vision CCTV cameras with DVR
  • Canon Powershot SX120IS
  • 36 LED IR Illuminator
  • Laser grid
  • Motion detectors
  • Compasses
  • RadioShack Model 12-587 Digital Radio (Modified Frank's Box)



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