Henry the Ghost!

Meet the Investigators...

Core Team:

Theresa Brundage - President
    Theresa has always had an interest in the paranormal. She has lived in Clinton County since 1994, but comes from a military family, which allowed her the opportunity to travel. She has visited reportedly haunted locations in New Orleans, Salem, Gettysburg, Seattle, Germany, and England .  Theresa has a love of technology and brings her excellent skills as an investigator, offering leadership and professionalism.

Lou Bernard - Vice President
   Lou works for the Ross Library and provides the team with research, survival, and historical skills. When not with LHPS, he spends his time tracking down old legends of ghosts, monsters, and buried treasure. He writes for Lycoming/Clinton Woman Magazine, and has a degree in education and a minor in psychology from Lehigh County Community College. Lou also runs a group for abused teens.  He currently lives in a haunted house (featured in the Lock Haven Express) and offers his experience in documenting the history of homes.

Jen Geary - Secretary
  Jen has lived in the Lock Haven area most of her life, and also lived in Reading, PA for 5 years.  Jen has had an interest in the paranormal since childhood stemming from past and present experiences.  These experiences prompted her to try to find answers to the unexplained.  She joined the group to expand her knowledge of the unexplained and has a willingness to help others that have experiences.  She is always seeking answers if they be paranormal or not.  Jen loves history and loves to learn about old legends and stories.  She brings the willingness to learn and her open mind to the group,  She is the mother of two wonderful boys and is an advocate for children with Autism and other special needs.  Jen also enjoys traveling and has traveled to several states and visited a few historical places.

Millie Crawford - Case Manager
Millie has been interested in ghosts since childhood when she had her first paranormal experience. She has lived in a few houses that have had "unexplained happenings" and likes to explore the unknown, especially with her fellow investigators. She is a grandmother of four and step-grandmother of five.

Charlene Lannan - Investigator
Charlie has always been fascinated by the paranormal.  She enjoys exploring and trying to find answers to the unexplainable with her fellow investigators. She brings to the group her observational skills, open mind, intellect and professionalism.

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Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers was founded in October of 2007. Kathleen Merrill and Karen Fye formed LHPS to fill a need in the community and be a support group for like-minded individuals. They have since retired.  The group's mission statement is to provide professional and confidential investigations free of charge, to offer support and peace of mind to their clients, and to be an educational resource for individuals and the general community.

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